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Everything in business should start with a solid Mission Statement. We would like to share ours with you:

  • V3 Transportation will produce superior financial and operating results for its share owners, capacity providers, and associates by providing  unmatched value-added transportation and logistic services to the expedited and premium segments of the transportation marketplace.

  • Through the use of technology -- and with an unwavering commitment to service, safety and security -- we will meet our customers' expectations by  performing with a sense of urgency and to the highest standards of each market segment we serve.

  • V3 Transportation will strive to develop mutually-rewarding relationships with its employees, partners and suppliers, while ensuring that all Corporate activities are conducted in the most ethical and professional manner, and with a sense of fairness.

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Proof of our commitment.

With V3 Transportation, you get the best thinking, the most efficient and sustainable equipment, leading-edge cargo security and courteous, hardworking professionals who make sure every job is done safely and well. 

We've had many industry and customer  recognition for our performance from shippers large and small. Also our commitment to providing careers to veterans. It is humbling to be so honored and it reinforces our drive to give our best each day.


Giving back so we all move ahead.

We recognize our obligation to our customers, associates and the communities we serve, and give back generously through the V3 Transportation Corporation.

We understand our responsibility to preserve and protect our environment, so we focus on operating efficiently to do more with less and avoid waste.

We accept the challenge to run our business well to meet the needs of our customers and sustain the livelihood of our associates and the communities that depend on our support.


As a transportation and logistics provider, V3 Transportation offers Expedite solutions, truck-like Critical solutions with  equipment configurations that keep your freight safe, secure and on time.

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