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V3 Agents

Grow with V3 Transportation and become something bigger!

Call Center Employee

V3 Transportation, a leading innovator in expedited transportation, is looking for experienced commissioned sales agents to be a part an exciting and rewarding growth initiative by our company. Sales agents should possess the following:

  • Desire to start and run your own business

  • Established customer base

  • Proven history of performance

  • Willingness to work hard

V3 Transportation has established, successful agents in the following regions:



V3 Transportation is looking for sales agents in the following areas:

  • Atlanta

  • Dallas or Houston

  • Southern California or Phoenix

  • Chicago

  • Nashville


Phone: (833)-621-4014


Phone: (833)-622-4890


Phone: (833)-622-4898


Phone: (833)-585-5279

In return, V3 Transportation provides top-notch back-office support so you can focus on taking care of your customers and your business. V3 helps you minimize your startup by providing the following:


  • Stability

    • 8 years in business

    • Strong financial backing

  • Experience/Expertise

    • V3 Leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience

  • Access to in-house motor carrier fleet and broker carrier base

    • Strong safety focus

    • Experience operating owner operator fleet

  • Start-up funding

    • Draw

  • Carrying customer receivables

  • Aggressive recruiting and qualifications of carriers to brokerage operations

  • Customer credit checks and strong collection team to prevent customer non-payment

  • Twice Monthly Settlements

If you feel you have what it takes to run your own business and be a part of the V3 team, please email: or call Paul Ratcliff at 888-255-5955 ext. 125.

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