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To All V3 Transportation Owner-Operators,


Effective May 1st, 2019, the state of Pennsylvania will begin enforcing provisions that attempt to control Lanternfly populations in eastern Pennsylvania. The Lanternfly is an invasive species much like Emerald Ash Borer events of a few years back that have devastated the Ash tree population. The Lanternfly is native to China, India and Vietnam. It attacks fruits, fruit trees and hardwood trees. It is threatening these industries.


More information is attached in the SLF Training pdf, Temporary Permits and the Checklist.


In response to this threat, Pennsylvania has established a quarantine area in counties in the eastern part of the state. Additional affected areas include: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.

All V3 Transportation Owner Operators who reside in, pickup in, deliver in or rest stop in the following counties in PA are required to have a permit and to complete a vehicle inspection log checklist (attached above) each time they pick up, deliver or stop in the quarantine zone.

V3 has filed with PA for permits. V3 has received a temporary permit (attached above) which covers each owner operator in the fleet. Owner operators who pick up, deliver or stop in the quarantine zone should be prepared to show the permit when requested by law enforcement. V3 Transportation will receive permanent permits in the coming weeks and will distribute them via mail to all owner-operators. If an owner operator cannot present the permit when request, it may result in a citation and or fines.

Each and every time a V3 Transportation owner operator picks up, delivers or stops in the quarantine zone, he or she should fill out the attached vehicle inspection report checklist and electrically fill out and submit it to Safety. V3 is required to keep records of these inspections for 2 years.

Pennsylvania counties in the quarantine zone are listed below. Delaware, Virginia and New Jersey are following with similar requirements.


The permits issued by PA meet the requirements for those states as well.

·  Berks

·  Bucks

·  Carbon

·  Chester

·  Dauphin

·  Delaware

·  Lancaster

·  Lebanon

·  Lehigh

·  Monroe

·  Montgomery

·  Northampton

·  Philadelphia

·  Schuylkill

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