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V3 Online Orientation

Let's keep helping out each other to grow our business.  Want to grow your business but don't know which growth strategies you should adopt? 

Lets start class

Please watch all the videos and fill out the online documents "Orientation Class Documents"   .  Note: we will be asking questions about the videos.

PACE - Video Four

Plan Ahead, Analyze the Surroundings

Communicate with Others and Execute Safe Driving (PACE)

TransFlo Mobile -  Video Five

Downloading the Transflo Mobile and setting the application up on your phone.

Sylectus App -  Video Six

Learn how to download the Sylectus application and activate.

How to Turn in Your Paperwork to V3

Video on instructions of how to complete the paperwork and turning it in.  Important video so that the driver,owner and V3 gets paid from the load.

Quarterly Maintentence   Video Eight

This video is the breakdown of the quarterly maintenance that is required for drivers and owners to do at each quarter of the year.

Procedures and Damage freight -Video Nine

GM procedures of when deivering freight to GM plants.  Also freight damage.  How to take steps on getting the right information on any freight that has been damaged. 

Hazmat Basics 1

Going over the basics of Hazmat Training.  First Video

Hazmat Basics 2

Going over the basics of Hazmat Training.  Continuing from First Video

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